2016 set to be the year of Malware

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Is your business protected against security attacks?

Surely a question if you have not asked yourself already and put a process in place then now is the time to think about the what if.

If you are using free anti virus or a consumer based anti virus solution and you have no backup plan in place then the best advice we can give is to understand how malware works and what strategy to take if your computers came under threat from the many ransomware malware attacks. These threats lock your computers and encrypt your business data and charges can run into hundreds of pounds per device. The latest strain called Powerware is simple to catch, malicious code is hidden in a word document and calls on Windows Powershell to execute the attack code when the file is opened.

Now imagine the scenario.

Purely by opening what looked like an invoice or speculative CV you have now been infected and in the background your files are being encrypted. At the end of the encryption cycle you will be presented with a ransom message and how to pay to unlock your files. One of the biggest issues is that the email can look like it is from a colleague or other known business even one of your customers.


Tewktech recommends these steps.

1. Invest in a business grade antivirus program
2. Sign up for a 3rd party spam server to monitor incoming and outgoing email.
3. Watch for Microsoft Powershell and Command Prompt spawning without request.
4. Have multiple backups in place
5. Create a strategy that covers such an event happening just as you would a fire drill.
6. Create a media policy guideline for your employees to follow that cover social media use at work and the use of non work related email and web browsing.

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Robin Daunter

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