Why some don’t give their tech a chance – a costly act of naivety

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As humans, we have instincts that allow us to consider situations and make decisions very quickly (often within milliseconds, and often without noticing) as to whether we want to put ourselves into a particular situation. Once a decision has been made and we’ve committed to a path, if something undesirable was to happen the next human instinct would kick in, and this is often described as fight or flight – we stay and fight our way through the situation in a battle to survive or we run (flight) as fast as possible, and out of the situation into a ‘safe’ environment. 

The security of our Data, PC’s, Laptops, Tablet PC’s and Mobile devices is a serious subject, which is very often overlooked and in most cases isn’t even considered. But why is this???

Here at Tewktech we believe, and at the risk of offending people – which isn’t our intention, put this down to naivety! Naivety is defined as “lack of experience, wisdom, or judgement” and at Tewktech we believe the first part of this definition is true – a lack of experience or simply a lack of IT and Computing education or knowledge. This is nobodies fault, and as an IT and Computer Support and Repair company we feel it is our duty to help educate our customers, website visitors and social media followers – which is the aim of our blog.

Going back to the above introduction to this article, I used an analogy which I feel most will be able to relate to and one in which I feel can really highlight the need to take adequate security measures and to ensure machines are protected with software.

Unlike humans, computers cannot make calculated decisions on whether or not to proceed down a particular path and will only follow what they are directed to do by their user or by the code in a script or program. A human would probably decide not to walk down a dark alley with no lighting and frequent criminal activity – but spin that to a computer and they are unaware of any issues and will happily venture where ever they are directed to go. If we did walk down this alley and got into bother our instincts would kick in and fight or flight would be our choices. Now, your computers, laptops or mobiles devices have none of these instincts and will sit there while they are attacked by the criminal (virus, malware, trojan, ransomware etc). Once the attack is over the damage is done, the effects are evident and the computer is acting up.

How can we give our PC’s, Laptops and other devices instincts?

The best way to help protect and secure our data and equipment is to ensure you have adequate protection – this is in the form of firewalls and anti-virus software. By ensuring that your devices have these installed you’re giving them the best possible chance of having a similar fight or flight instinct as humans do.

What’s best free or paid?

Tewktech will always recommend a paid anti-virus or security package as they are far more superior to their free counterparts and generally do a much better job. However, if a paid software isn’t an option then something has to be better than nothing… right? Yes and no, some of the free ones are pushy and will constantly bother you with adverts or upgrade promotions, trying to sell you their premium products – but ultimately they will scan your system and hopefully catch any nasty viruses.

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This article should have made you consider whether your devices have adequate software to protect (give them instincts) and to make better choices as to what to allow onto your computer – giving your tech and data the best chance of being kept secure. Using any device connected to the internet carries risks, and by having no protection at all is careless and risky with the potential for costly repairs and the prospect of losing precious data.

If you have free protection, or worse, no protection Tewktech can assist – we provide 30 day free trials of our anti-virus packages and can remotely install them for you if required. For further information and advice please get in touch or call us on 01684 770 740 where a member of the team will be able to help!

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