Slow and poor performing computers can be given a new lease of life

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Slow computers and poor performance can lessen the enjoyment we gain from our desktop PCs and laptops – it can also test the best of us in terms of patience! A poor performing PC can usually be fixed and in most cases be brought back to its previous, reliable, faster state.

The causes of a slow or unresponsive PC are a plenty, but usually a result of a virus, malware or Trojan and a long list of unwanted, unnecessary or unused applications or programs. These can, in some cases, cause a corrupt Windows registry which can seriously affect the stability of your machine, making it unresponsive, slow and prone to crashing.

Tewktech deal with these problems every day, and work with our customers to give their desktop or laptops a new lease of life. For a small fee, we can give your desktop or laptop a once over, test for viruses and remove them if required and ensure your system is completely up to date with the required Windows updates.

If a virus isn’t the cause of your slow computer, we would suggest restoring or refreshing your desktop or laptop to its factory settings. This means your computer will run as it did the day your purchased it. Don’t forget to backup your files and other data though as restoring your computer will remove these files – if required, we can help you do this.

To book your desktop or laptop in with Tewktech for a virus and performance health check, please give us a call on 01684 298 100 or email us – alternatively, we also offer telephone and remote support, please contact us for further details.

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