The benefit of putting your life, business and head in the cloud!

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The ‘Cloud’ is everywhere, wherever you go, the cloud is there, whenever you need it – you guessed it – the cloud is there! But what is it and why use it?

The cloud refers to remote servers and apps which were developed to change the way we live and work. There are far too many types of apps to list here, but one example would be Dropbox.

Dropbox allows you to sync files from PC/Laptops, Macs, phones and tablet PC’s onto their servers. The benefits of this are that you can access your files from any internet enabled and connected device, collaborate with colleagues, share with friends and family and reduces the amount of hard drive space required on your local (home/business) machine.

The cloud makes the mass storage of vast amounts of data much cheaper than conventional storage space, such as file servers and the management of backup devices.

Cloud storage and collaboration apps are ideal for both home and business users who have photos, images, files etc. to store, and if you have a team you’d like to share and work with on the move and across locations it offers even more benefits.

Cloud storage also provides peace of mind, knowing that should anything happen to your local machine such as fire or flood, that there is an offsite backup of your important photos, images and other files. So even if you do backup to external hard drives, the cloud could be a great secondary backup should the worst ever happen.

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