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We’ve been working with consumers and business customers in Tewkesbury and the surrounding areas since 2008, building a reputation for reliability, friendliness and our customer service. This makes us a leading provider of Consumer Support with home / home office IT issues.

Tewktech can assist with almost all IT and computing related issues around the home or SOHO (small office, home office) with a well established background in repairing both software and hardware issues, providing a reliable and trustworthy Consumer Support.

Consumer Support
Keeping Your Home Connected: Consumer Support

Windows issues are one of the biggest Consumer Support issues we see from our customers – poor performance, bugs and other quirky behaviours.

Tewktech has a vast amount of experience with the Microsoft Windows operating system and will work to troubleshoot these issues, providing a resolution and make recommendations to help prevent future issues.

Unfortunately, viruses and other cyber security threats are common place in today’s connected world. We see PC’s with viruses and other malicious threats on a daily basis and have the knowledge and expertise to resolve these issues, and provide preventive advice moving forward.

Tewktech carry out a range of hardware repairs to both Desktop PC’s and Laptop Computers. Some of these include:

  • RAM Upgrades/Replacement
  • Hard Drive Upgrades/Replacement
  • Graphics Card Upgrades/Replacement
  • Wireless Card Upgrades/Replacement

Tewktech can provide an Out of Warranty Repair Service for many PC’s, Laptops and Tablets. We can do this as we work closely with some of the biggest manufacturers in the world, including HP, Lenovo and Dell.

With our direct contact with the manufacturers we arrange the repair and shipping of your equipment, and manage the whole process for you, taking away all the hassle, and providing our customers with peace of mind.

How does this process work?

  • We arrange the repair directly with the manufacturer
  • We arrange the shipping of your equipment to them
  • Upon receipt the manufacturer carries out an inspection and provides us with a repair quotation.
  • We let you know the cost of the repair
  • If you approve the quote we instruct them to proceed, if you don’t approve the quote we will arrange for your equipment to be returned to us
  • Your equipment arrives back with us, we double check everything is how it should be and arrange for you to collect

Many customers experience email issues of some kind, and Tewktech work professionally to diagnose and fix these issues.

Some of the email issues we deal with include:

  • Emails not sending
  • Not receiving emails
  • Windows 8/8.1/10 Mail App
  • Outlook issues
  • Thunderbird issues
  • Windows Live Mail issues

Apple products aren’t exempt from issues and we work with our customers to help troubleshoot their Apple issues across all Apple products including iPhone, iPad, iMac and Macbook Pro’s.

Some of the problems we can assist with include:

  • iCloud Issues
  • Mac OS Upgrades
  • Hard Drive Failure
  • Mac Mail Issues

Over 90% of computer and Windows issues can be resolved via a remote support session. Remote Consumer Support provides a reliable, secure and convenient way to access IT support, and is very popular with our customers. When a customer requests a remote support session one of our experienced support technicians will guide them every step of the way.

Computer and IT issues we can assist with via a remote support session include:

  • Email Issues
  • Microsoft Office
  • Tuition and Demonstrations
  • General Windows Troubleshooting

On occasions a remote support session, or bringing in your PC may not be an option, for these times we can provide Consumer Support via an onsite maintenance call. An onsite maintenance call from Tewktech allows our experienced support technicians to troubleshoot within your home, and work to resolve your issue/s as quickly as possible.

Some of our customers most common issues include:

  • Printer Connectivity Issues
  • Wireless Signal Strength Problems
  • Setup Home Broadband Router
  • Extending Home Networks
  • Smart Television Installation and Setup

Tewktech charge by the hour for onsite maintenance calls, with a minimum charge of 1 hour, and no call out charges or fees.

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    What Our Customers Say About Us!

    My PC developed a sudden problem and wouldn’t boot. Tewktech sorted this out within 24h. Very efficient service, thanks.


    I took my computer for them to remedy a problem with it. I found them most helpful and courteous, and they did a very good job on the computer. They kept me informed of the progress with the work. I would be very happy to use them again, should the need arise.


    How to make a triumph out of a disaster. Flashing blue screen on Sunday, sleepless night as in midst of project with tight deadline of Monday 5pm. Ring Rob at 9am, PC with him by 10am, fixed with health check by 3pm. Project done, brow mopped. Calm, expert and happy to work with me to get me back up and running in time. Very pleased to recommend Tewktech to anyone needing a PC Doc, lovely chaps and local!

    Karen Lawton

    Was able to give good advice on a hardware issue, only taking approximately 5-10 minutes, without even charging me, excellent service!

    Dan McGuigan

    Had (I thought) major issue with my email account – to the point where I was considering changing it – but the thought of loosing all my emails and having to tell banks, insurance etc was too daunting. I contacted Rob at Tewktech and within 20 mins problem was fixed and a very happy customer. Cannot recommend enough – brilliant service!!

    Andy Stavros Smith

    Rob and Luke of Tewktech sorted a problem I had with the battery in my laptop. They supplied a new battery and gave my laptop a good check over. Very pleased with the service and help I received from them.


    Thank you for doing the most amazing job with my computers. Took away all the stress

    Caroline Shearing

    My knowledge of laptops is limited so to trust people with it is a big deal, can’t praise them enough, they were helpful, professional, honest. Being 73 years old they could have taken advantage, but quite the reverse, told me what the problem was and 3 different ways and cost to put it right.


    Computers is one of the areas where many of us are reliant on expert advice at different levels. Tewtech provided this quickly and efficiently and giving me the confidence to be able to refer back with any future problems.


    Had excellent service and would highly recommend to anyone. Very helpful and friendly.


    Fantastic service, dropped off laptop on Wednesday and it was ready the next day. Thanks also for spending time with the kids explaining their ‘new’ computer to them. Highly recommend!

    Maria Taylor

    Just had the best experience of customer service and value for money from Tewktech. Professional, friendly and highly motivated to doing a great job. Thank you!

    Terry Tromans

    Thank you for rescuing all of our photos, great service

    Thomas Belshaw

    These guys took my dying (not very old) Sony laptop which died on me and pulled it back into full operational state. They gave a highly professional and effective service, seeking solutions everywhere and getting the job done. All this at a reasonable cost. They are professional and highly effective at a perfectly reasonable cost.

    Dr John Heap

    Very prompt. Good service.


    Laptop de-bugged & checked out. Good customer service.


    A very prompt and professional service. My computer system was up and running in next to no time. Very approachable guys. Can highly recommended them