IT Support Services

We provide a wide range of IT Support Services, all geared towards helping SMEs – we do this by removing their IT pains, recommending and implementing change and streamlining their IT Support needs.

Flexible, Tailored IT Support Services

Our range of Small Business IT Support Services allow any business, both big or small to access the IT Support they need, when they need it! Tewktech offer both ad-hoc support as well as ongoing support contracts – whichever suits your needs the best!

End User Support from Tewktech takes the pressure away from more technical members of your business, enabling them to do there own jobs, while Tewktech look after your employees.

With Tewktech End User Support we give our clients access to the support and advice they need, when they need it! By utilising our IT Help-desk end users can submit a support request by email, through our online help-desk, over the telephone or even via Skype! Once we have their support request we assign a member of our team who will work with the user to resolve their issue/s.

Reactive IT Support means we respond to an issue once it has already happened. Reactive IT Support can be on an Ad-hoc basis, where you’ll pay for each incident or could be included in an ongoing Reactive Support Contract – whichever suits our customers best!

Proactive IT Support works to identify, and in most cases, resolve potential issues before they become an issue. We use state of the art, industry wide technologies to monitor our customer networks, flagging issues as they arise. We are then able to resolve these, typically before an end user has even noticed an issue.

Proactive IT Support is only available to customers who have an ongoing IT Support Contract with us.

Tewktech can provide our customers with any level of IT Support Services, this is dictated by your requirements and can be completely tailored. Whether you require the functionality of a complete IT Team but without the hassle and cost of employing one or just the peace of mind of knowing we have your back should you ever need anything – Tewktech can definitely help!

Some of the IT Support Services we provide, include the monitoring of your IT equipment. This is carried out 24/7 365 days of the week using industry wide technologies and software.

By monitoring your network, including workstations, laptops etc we are able to identify issues and resolve them quickly, usually in the background before the end has even noticed a problem.

Some customers like to use us for IT Consulting Services and for advice regarding their business IT needs.

We can provide a full consultancy service to all business customers, this can include IT Audits, upgrade cycles, hardware, software and security recommendations.

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    As an IT Support and Managed Services Provider, Tewktech work with many partners and provide a wide range of services and solutions - many more than we can list on our website! If you can't see what you're looking for get in touch with us, and we can quickly determine whether we can assist, and if not point you in the right direction.

    How Can Tewktech Help Your Business?

    To find out how we can help, get in touch with us or book a free, no obligation consultation - we can come to you or you can come to our offices in Tewkesbury, whichever is best for you!